Why choose a career in logistics and supply chain?

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Logistics and supply chain industries play a major role in the globalization of trade and commerce. Every retail industry has its own supply chain management. The job opportunities are close to a gazillion in the field of logistics and supply chain as their importance is at the peak in today’s era. Seas and oceans are crowded just like the traffic in our cities and it demands proper planning of freight movements without causing chaos. As the industry is growing, job opportunities are increasing rapidly. The industry demands skilled graduates in logistics and supply chain management.

Let’s give you an insight on why you should choose a career in logistics and supply chain management:


        Diverse Job opportunities


In the logistics and supply chain industry, there is a large spectrum of jobs you could take up. This is an area of business where your experience matters less. Many companies choose freshers with a bachelor’s in logistics and supply chain management. The career choices are endless. Some of the common roles in Logistics and Supply chain are:

        Freight transportation

        Warehouse design and transportation

        Distribution network planning and design

        Procurement and supply management


        Career growth


Since logistics and supply chain is a fast-growing industry, the career growth of an individual pursuing his/her career here is guaranteed. In this domain, you excel through practical knowledge and sensibility. An individual who works in logistics is not restricted to a single role. With experience and skills, you can take up advanced roles in the future.


        High Salary


A job in logistics and supply chain management promises stability with a good salary package. All kinds of businesses need logistics and supply, chain managers. It is a field with huge potential all over the world. An average pay scale of a manager in logistics and supply chain is 5-7 lakh per annum. This may vary from company to company.


        International Travels


If you are wanderlust, this job is perfect for you. Unlike other jobs where you have to stay in one place, a career in logistics and supply chain allows you to be in so many places. There will be international trips very frequently in a year. This might be your ticket to network internationally.




Logistics and supply chain the industry is filled with professionals with outstanding commercial awareness. You will get opportunities to network both domestically and internationally and build strong professional relationships that will benefit you tremendously to advance your career or relocate to a place of your choice, temporarily or permanently.  


        Personal satisfaction


In a challenging field like logistics and supply chain management, you can hardly get bored with your job. With stable employment and high pay with added benefits of job flexibility, a career in logistics and supply chain is rewarding. In surveys conducted by APICS, professionals who chose their career in logistics and supply chain see this field as a door to opportunities. Employees believe that their contribution helps the industry to grow and the industry helps in their personal growth.

 Since all organizations rely on this industry, the demand for logistics and supply chain management will be constant for a long time. If you are looking for a job that is flexible, challenging, and stable with a good pay scale, a career in logistics and supply chain management is the right one for you.

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