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"Acclaimed intellectual platform”

The genesis of Atlas Ideal International College (AIIC) a fully automated campus in Malapuram, Kerala on the land of Inkel Greens Educity, effected a paradigm shift in the phase of education with a novel tech-culture. AIIC is a subsidiary of the prestigious Atlas Group of Institutions, acclaimed for the social contribution of an inspiring intellectual generation, for over three decades in the UAE.

AIIC offers National & International accreditations in the field of Commerce, instructed by professors and industry spearheads, who pool resources with the young minds, practicing a collaborative educational pattern. Here the culture of education is backed by top notch digital technology which equips fully fledged laboratories, seminar halls and lecture theatres with superior audio visual gadgets, library databases, interactive screens, online-learning, on-site computers and wi-fi.

Designed as an automated campus, this infrastructure is fully air-conditioned and open 24 hours. Tensile membrane from Serge Ferrari, France has been used for the roofing and courtyard which allows maximum transmission of natural light to ensure a pleasant luminous atmosphere within the campus. The complete scholastic decorum includes: the computer lab equipped with over a hundred (100) trendy smart computer systems, IELTS Lab, Liberia Palazzo digital library with RFID technology, food court serving international & traditional cuisine with a dining capacity for thousand (1000) students and tables with charging ports, several canteen & seating areas, sports courts for Football, Basketball, Badminton, Volleyball and other & recreation activities, amphitheatre, internship office, chill-out zone for snooker, foosball, board games etc, a clinic with  two (2) bed facility and medical staff , eco-friendly campus with wide green landscapes growing four hundred (400) different trees yielding fruits and spices, two ornamental fish ponds with a variety of aquatic life, indoor farm, campus accommodation, and a large parking facilitating hundred (100) car slots and (50) bike slots.

AIIC Edu-scape

The prestigious AIIC a fully automated campus, air-conditioned 24/7 open campus, nested in the historically glorified state of Malapuram, is the branch of  Atlas Group of Institutions , UAE acclaimed as the world class educators of this twenty-first century.

  • All students are regarded as valuable members of our AIIC family.
  • Embracing cultural integration as an integral aspect of our educational culture, we provide our students the opportunity to interact in an intercultural environment. Their breadth of diverse skills blends and applies with our socio cultural value, enriching their prerequisite for global citizenship and a multicultural human resource.
  • Our distinguished scholars with multi-level educational merits from across the world has demonstrated and fostered excellence in research, teaching, professional activities within the academic institution and the wider community. Our student success is mapped with meticulous curriculum planning and design of courses reviewed on international standards, equipping them with sufficient skilled human resources for tomorrow’s tech edged lifestyle.
  • Our strong collaborative links with industry, business, government institutions social and public services around the world privileges internship programs to our students which sharpens their acumen to excel in this tech reigned century.
  • Our arena flaunts an amazing network of entertainment service platforms where students socialize and fast track, which includes a host of clubs, societies and projects for events, arts and culture, theatre, extra-curricular activities, global day and other seminars, debates, academic competitions, concerts, plays, sport, society meetings, charity events, health and fitness and volunteering services.
  • AIIC facilitates a collegiate system; offering international living standards at the campus accommodation, where students live, socialise and graduate with members of our college. Our simplified admission system, payment plans, student visa procedures, accessible location and an extensively operating transport service brings education to your fingertips.
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