How is PGDM better than MBA?

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As years pass by, more students are getting poured into the corporate world. After graduation, students are at the crossroads with so much confusion on which course would help them to stay ahead of the competition and move forward on the corporate ladder. Management education is attracting the best minds of the country today but they are very prone to making wrong career choices because of the lack of knowledge in different courses available in the management space. It is a difficult choice that decides your game in the field of business in the long run.

Let us give you an in-depth analysis of the two courses to clear the fog regarding MBA and PGDM.


MBA and PGDM offer very different things in their curriculum. MBA is a theoretical and academic-oriented course – the focus on practical concepts and new-age subjects is less. Also, the MBA curriculum is only updated once in 3-5 years and therefore it does not keep up with the changing industrial and management trends proactively.
On the other hand, the PGDM curriculum is more industry-oriented with emphasis on employability skills and market requirements. The curriculum goes beyond the classroom teachings to inculcate practical knowledge in students through case study methodologies, interactive seminars, workshops, industrial visits, and international internships. PGDM institutes have complete autonomy in designing the curriculum and they frequently up-grade it to suit the industry standards and the changing business environment.



MBA is a degree course that is provided by colleges that have an affiliation to state or central universities.
PGDM is offered by autonomous institutes, and these autonomous colleges do not require affiliation to any university. The autonomous institutes are recognized by the All India Council for Technical Education (AICTE) which is a statutory body. AICTE is a statutory board and national level council that falls directly under the Ministry of Human Resource Development.

As far as the Association of Indian Universities (AIU) is concerned, MBA accreditation is considered equivalent to PGDM.



Since the MBA is focused more on theory, MBA graduates are the book kings who know every hard rule of the management. MBA students learn every aspect of management.
The PGDM course is more focused on soft skills to succeed in a competitive business environment. PGDM students are the crisis managers or the stars of the business show who know exactly how things work in an actual business. The organizational skills, analytical thinking, and knowledge of management principles that are needed to manage various kinds of businesses are taught effectively in a course like PGDM. The competition in today’s corporate world demands hands-on skills rather than theoretical knowledge.


Placement opportunities

PGDM course comes with a plethora of perks. Top colleges like IIM provides PGDM courses. PGDM institutes have a strong network of alumni, who have already succeeded in the business world, and hence attract some of the most reputed companies for placements. Since the PGDM curriculum is updated, students are familiar with the current situation of the industries. This gives an edge to the PGDM course over the MBA.
Most PGDM students get placed in top companies in campus placements itself. The strong educational nature of PGDM also makes you eligible to demand a higher pay package.


Course fee

The course fee depends mainly on the credibility of the institute you choose. Generally, the PGDM course fee is higher than the MBA because it’s much more than just a classroom experience. The student graduates with a personality that suits the high octane corporate world.



Most of the top-notch colleges provide PGDM courses due to its essential advantages. If you want to be a part of one of the county’s top B-schools and have a successful future in the business world, PGDM is your go-to option.

Due to the global appeal for the MBA and the thought of taking a diploma over a degree, a management aspirant’s view on the PGDM course is often clouded. Do not fall for hypes over facts. A PGDM student is not just equal but also one step ahead when it comes to hands-on skills than an MBA student. At the end of the day, your skills and knowledge are what determines your future. Sharpen your mind with a course that helps you to face the real business world.

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