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Campus to the corporate

26th & 27th March 2021


Dr. Munirudheen A

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26th & 27th March 2021

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challenges and chances of becoming employable in the age of Artificial Intelligence

Guiding outgoing students to plan for a memorable good-bye to their alma-mater is an inspiring institutional role. Hence, programs to provide insights to students on 21st century skills become recommendatory for students to transform themselves as globally employable graduates. Needless to say that the importance of global employability has been well- endorsed by all the stakeholders of educational eco-system as the greatest guiding goal of professional programs. Nevertheless, the road towards that goal has never been without challenges. 

Fortunately, there are opportunities thrown open by Artificial Intelligence which will help capture these challenges and convert them as chances before students so that they will get themselves well-groomed as employable graduates.

Let us join hands to make our students prepare for a well-thought good-bye from the campus. This session will inspire students to break the challenges and build the chances at one-go during this transition.


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