Students who have enrolled at AI INTERNATIONAL COLLEGE are expected to behave in a mature manner, just like what would be expected of a manager when he or she joins the Corporate World. We have laid down a Code of Conduct which we expect every student to follow and abide by in true letter and spirit. All students who are keen to take admission in this Institute are advised to read the Code of Conduct carefully.

1.Students must report to the Institute 15 minutes prior to the scheduled reporting time at the gate in the morning.

2.Wearing the I-Card is mandatory whether on campus or off campus during field visits or official work.

3.Students are required to keep themselves abreast of daily / weekly / Semester / Course schedule, important dates and abide by all communications put up on the notice board / sent by e-mail / on website.

4.Getting into physical fights, speaking rudely / using unparliamentarily language on or off-campus shall not be accepted, and strict disciplinary action shall be taken against defaulters

5.Smoking, drinking liquor, chewing tobacco, consuming drugs or being found under the influence of the same or possessing these items while on campus or in the hostel will bring about termination of studentship. Sexual misconduct, ragging, etc. will attract police action.

6.Ragging of any kind is strictly prohibited. Anyone indulging in ragging will be dealt with ‘Zero Tolerance’ and will be expelled.

7.Students must be seated in their respective class room five minutes prior to the class time.

No student will be allowed to enter or leave the class once the faculty has entered. No student should be seen loitering in the campus when classes are in progress.

8.Students are not permitted to use their laptop/mobile phones when the class is in progress unless permission has been granted by faculty in-charge.

  1. In the event of cancellation of any academic session, students are expected to use the library to study/complete assignments.

10.No announcements / instructions will be passed by students to the batch without seeking approval from Director.

11.Tuition fee will be paid as per the guidelines laid down by the College failing which the student will not be permitted to attend academic sessions or appear for Exams (Internal / External) and will not be considered for Placements till the time their dues are not cleared.

12.Duration of sessions in a day may span from 8 – 10 hours and at times 12 hours, six days a week. Absence from tests / examinations / tutorials / viva-voce / non-submission of assignments / not being prepared for presentations will make student ineligible for internal assessments.

13.Exams (current / backlog) shall be conducted every 6 months. Students are advised not to miss their exams and appear for them as per the schedule.

14.Copying during exams, proxy attendance, etc. will be seriously dealt with.



1.Library facilities can be availed on producing the Library Card.

2.Students can draw maximum of two books at a time for a period of one week one magazine for a period of 2 days. Books may be reissued for only one time.

3.In case of loss of library card, duplicate card would be issued against payment of stipulated charges.

4.Student shall be required to pay stipulated fine in case of delay in return of books and magazines. Issue of books / Magazines shall be stopped if the dues are not cleared immediately.

  1. In case of loss or damage of Books / magazines, the student shall have to refund the cost of the item drawn, along with fine

6.Reference Books, newspapers and current issues of magazines will not be issued for taking out of Library. They may be read by the students in the library.

7.Tearing of pages from the Library Books will be viewed seriously. The student returning the book shall be held responsible for making good the damages / replacement of book. Please do not tear the library sheet pasted at the back of the book. The student in fault shall be required to pay stipulated fine.

  1. Students are requested to scan the book for any damages at the time of issue. Any damages observed at the time of return shall be made good by the student.
  2. If one wishes to recommend a book to be purchased, please fill in the book requisition register

10.Bags, mobiles, eatables etc. are not allowed in the Library.

11.All are requested to maintain silence & strict discipline in the Library


1.There are fixed mess timings for meals which have to be adhered to by all students.

2.Wasting food is not acceptable. All wastages will be fined.

3.We aim to groom our students to be a fit for the corporate world and have the right dining etiquettes.

4.Students are expected to keep the cafeteria clean.

Computer lab

1.Students should use their allotted user name account to access the PC and save their respective data in folders allotted to them and not on the desktop.

2.Playing games, chatting, and visiting social networking sites is not permitted.

3.PCs must be properly shut down when required work is completed.

4.All equipment and accessories including furniture will be used with utmost care, so as not to cause any damage. Chairs should be put back at the proper place after the completion of work.

5.Students should take regular back up of their work in order to avoid any loss of data.

6.Silence will be maintained so as not to cause disturbance to other users.

7.Bags, laptops, mobiles etc. are not allowed in Computer Lab.

8.Any loss or damage caused by student in the Computer Lab will be recovered from the student.

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