• AIIC core values liberate educational freedom to students of all races and ethnic background, socio-economic status and disabilities, supporting their full and equal participation in our learning platform.
  • As architects of a top notch globalised education system, we promote a collaborative and multidimensional education pattern between the professors and students making our mission a shared vision. Recognized scholastic expertise measured on the highest international standards, is provided, by a brilliant research team of professors and industrial specialists with paramount educational degrees from renowned universities across the world. Our environment enhances the human capital of the rising student generation, designing them to be the pride of tomorrow’s tech cultured world.
  • With ‘a global innovation vision’ at heart, our breadth and volume of research activity is the finest, marked by the milestones of inventions and discoveries made by our connoisseurs of research who have won global appreciation. We envisage our research and expertise to be a beneficial global contribution to today’s tech cultivated world, branding AIIC as “An Emblem for Eminence” in the global educational market.
  • We at AI International College, the best college in Kerala believe that the practice of experiential learning provides a guide to educational innovation. The process of learning from experience is ubiquitous, present in human activity everywhere, all the time. Good experiential learning combines direct experience that is meaningful to the student with guided reflection and analysis. For us, it is the learning and teaching process that defines whether a learning experience is experiential. This experience is facilitated by our state-of-the art, technology driven campus.